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The Guardian

‘I’m a pot evangelist’: meet America's dope queens

As more US states legalise marijuana, more women are stepping up to meet the need for weed. Meet the entrepreneurs cutting through the stigma... READ MORE

Women's Health

This Might Be The Best New Way To Treat Pain, Insomnia, And Anxiety

How weed is being embraced by women and the wellness movement.... READ MORE


Weed Porn: The Grow Off Awards Colorado's Top MMJ Growers

Forty teams of medical marijuana growers put themselves to the test in the Grow Off, a competition that gives commercial marijuana cultivations the same genetics and then tests their harvests for potency, terpenes and yield. And now we know the results.... READ MORE

The Clever Root

Elevating edibles at Denver's Sweet Grass Kitchen

“I knew then that it would be one or the other,” she recalls. “If I was going to move into the marijuana industry, it would seal the deal with not getting a job in the education system. But I wanted to keep... READ MORE

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Hail Mary Jane

The Best Cannabis Edibles for 2018

Since the 1960s, the standard “pot brownie” was the hallmark of the cannabis edible. While brownies are still token finds in cannabis dispensaries and other access points, the world of edibles has taken on new dimensions in the modern era.... READ MORE

Huffington Post

Less is More: The Lowdown on Microdosing Cannabis

There’s a new golden rule taking over the world of cannabis: less is more. That’s right, newcomers and seasoned cannasseurs alike are discovering ways to reap the benefits without the buzz. Such benefits are ranging from help with pain, anxiety, and sleep to creativity, focus, and more. And with it, experts are calling microdosing the ‘future of marijuana.’... READ MORE


Weed pumpkin pie, it exists. Happy Thanksgiving.

Civilized: 5 Cannabis Start-ups You Should Know About

A self-proclaimed "small-batch bakery," Sweet Grass Kitchen creates and distributes both recreational and medicinal cannabis-infused edibles to over 300 cannabis stores throughout Colorado...READ MORE


But smoking marijuana and consuming a THC-infused edible create two vastly different experiences. So when the state legalized recreational marijuana, allowing any adult over the age of 21 years to purchase cannabis products, guidelines for edibles consumption needed to be put in place... READ MORE


Weed pies that get you baked, not burned.

Weekend Review Kit

Not content to simply make amazing cannabis edibles, Sweet Grass Kitchen produces baked goods that could hold their own at most farmer’s markets. Their pumpkin pie is dense but not dry, with a rich, smooth, well-seasoned filling surrounded by just the right amount of salty, crumbly crust. Cannabis pairs nicely with desserts that balance the savory and the sweet, and the textures and tastes in this one contrast wonderfully. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Pumpkin Pie blends all those flavors .... READ MORE

The Best Cannabis Edibles of 2018

Servicing over 500 dispensaries in Colorado, Sweet Grass Kitchen offers a variety of delicious baked goods worthy of the Best Cannabis Edibles list. Yet, their seasonal treats deserve recognition this time around. .... READ MORE


The Daily Beast

Microdosing Weed: How to Find the Right Serving Size of Edible Cannabis

Annie Nelson, wife of country music legend and ganjapreneur Willie Nelson, explains how to take the edge off—or sleep better, or deal with in-laws—without getting high..... READ MORE

MJ Magazine

Social Media Climbing

Here’s a short list of cannabis industry social media movers that are doing something right, judging by analytic platforms like Klout and BuzzSumo. Several will already seem familiar, precisely because they have established broad platforms to raise awareness about themselves and legal cannabis. They are businesses, advocates, media outlets, and influencers.

If you’re following cannabis, you might want to add these accounts to your stream..... READ MORE


How Sweet Grass Kitchen Grew from a Tiny Trailer to an Edible Empire

In many ways, Julie Berliner got her start in the same way many bootstrapped entrepreneurs do: in her kitchen, armed with with a great chocolate chip cookie recipe, about $1250 to invest in her business, and a dream.  Unlike most entrepreneurs, Berliner’s goal was for her company, Sweet Grass Kitchen, to become one of the largest marijuana edible brands in Colorado.  Now, with 23 employees and the company’s products sold in 300 stores throughout the state, Berliner reflects on her humble beginnings in 2009..... READ MORE


Piggybacking On A State Craze, A Colorado University Teaches The Business Of Cannabis

Seven years ago, when Paul Seaborn arrived at the University of Denver to teach public policy and business, Colorado only had a medical marijuana market. It was only after recreational cannabis was legalized in 2014 that the Canadian native began to seriously explore the possibility of teaching a class devoted to the business of cannabis....... READ MORE

Dope Directory

Sweet Grass Kitchen Ginger Molasses Cookie : Edible Review

Despite the inherent charm of crafting your own edibles, I can’t say that I have attempted to do so for a good long while. Why bother when I can leave it to the professionals like the bakers at Sweet Grass Kitchen. The holiday season is upon us again and Sweet Grass is providing a brand-new weapon in the arsenal to fend off boredom at grandma’s house. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Ginger Molasses Cookies are a limited time winter treat available only in a few select dispensaries. As I was about to find out there is a lot to love about these seasonal cannabis cookies.......... READ MORE


Infused Colorado Stocking Stuffers for $5 or Less

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s cookies are the perfect treat to help Santa stay extra-festive throughout the night. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s recreational cookies retail for $3 to $5. The Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, and Ginger Molasses varieties have 10mg THC.

A 1:1 THC:CBD Chocolate Chip cookie is also available.......... READ MORE


Baking Business

Key formulating considerations for cannabis

While only legalized for recreational use in 10 states, plus the District of Columbia, cannabis is emerging as a viable ingredient for bakeries. However, knowing where to start can be a struggle for formulators who aren’t familiar with the plant’s functionality.

As a pioneer in the edibles market, Sweet Grass Kitchen has perfected its formula for recreational baked products. The bakery uses its in-house cannabutter to create infused products that include cookies, brownies and pies that are distributed to nearly 500 recreational and medical dispensaries throughout Colorado........... READ MORE

Bake Mag

A journey to influential bakeries in Colorado’s cannabis capital

Denver is known for its gorgeous mountainous backdrop and its thriving art and food scenes. However, if you were to ask many people across the country what they believe separates Colorado’s state capital from everything else, it would be the weed.

My first stop in Denver takes me to a rather unassuming building in a rather unassuming area of town. The building’s facade would suggest that a carpet manufacturer or auto glass repair business took up its space, not one of the top edibles companies in the state. Inside is a much different story, full of offices, kitchen space, a grow room, and so much more.

It is here that I meet the employees of Sweet Grass Kitchen. The small-batch bakery was on the forefront of the cannabis-infused edibles movement in Colorado. Since 2009, its kitchen has served Colorado’s top dispensaries with flavorful, fresh cannabutter and distillate confections............. READ MORE

What it takes to enter the cannabis baking category

In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults over the age of 21, with those laws going into effect in 2014. Ever since, the question has been, will cannabis baked goods eventually take off on the commercial level? Well, in Colorado at least, the seeds for that industry had already been planted in 2009.

“When Colorado legalized medicinal cannabis, there were no real regulations,” said Julie Berliner, founder and CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen, Denver. “Anyone could do whatever they wanted. It’s actually how I started. I would bake out of my home kitchen and walk up the street and sell them at the dispensaries around my home in Boulder.”............. READ MORE

Bake Magazine

Top concerns for cannabis-infused edible production include packaging and labeling

With the proliferation of legalized marijuana in states across the country, production of baked foods made with cannabis, hemp and CBD — also known as “edibles”— are on the rise.

BEMA kicked off its annual convention, being held June 17-21 in Vail, Colorado, with a panel of edibles producers, legal counsel, and a vertically integrated cannabis company discussing the biggest issues facing this category as it gains popularity and market share. In fact, Bill Bogot, partner, Fox Rothschild, indicated that the latest projections estimate sales for edible marijuana products could near $30 billion by 2023............. READ MORE

Prepared Foods: Cannabis Products

Baked-in quality

In 2009, Sweet Grass, Denver, began its journey, producing freshly baked, cannabis-infused edibles. In 2013, the company decided to move closer toward vertical integration and started handling its own in-house cannabis cultivation, making it a “crop-to-cookie” business. Sweet Grass has also made a name for itself based on the quality of its slow-simmered, triple-strained, full-flower cannabis butter, or cannabutter, which goes into all of its desserts and baked treats like cookies and pies............. READ MORE


Cannabis Business Executive

Public School System’s Loss, Cannabis Industry’s Gain: Sweet Grass Kitchen

With the medical marijuana industry taking off in Colorado at the same time, and many young entrepreneurs starting businesses in the wild west to seek their fortune, Julie found work as a receptionist in a cannabis start-up (grow and dispensary), The Greenest Green, in Boulder. One of her hobbies in college was baking gourmet chocolate chip cookies for her boyfriend (they are now married, so they must have been pretty good!) and that led to her employers approaching her to develop an infused edible product for the shop. They gave her a pound of pot and she made infused chocolate chip cookies, baked them in her home kitchen and the recipe became the anchor product of Sweet Grass Kitchen today............ READ MORE

Dope Magazine

Cooking With Cannabis Has Never Been Easier

Sweet Grass Kitchen just flexed on the entire edible industry with the commercial release of their cannabutter — a whole stick of full-flower cannabis-infused butter with ten perfect pats for easy measuring and dosage. Each slice contains 10mg of THC, and is the equivalent to a tablespoon of butter, making it simpler than ever to experiment with cannabis-infused cooking without the hassle or guessing of making your own cannabutter. No more mess, no more potency errors, just straight up cooking transparency. Whether you’re craving something sweet or savory, it’s always a good idea to keep a stick of Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter in your fridge to help bring your canna-concoctions to life............ READ MORE

Baking with a $1,500-per-lb ingredient

Sweet Grass’ process, which includes cooking cannabis flowers with butter, results in a highly concentrated green butter called cannabutter that is incorporated into its batters in precise quantities to accurately dose the finished products.

Cannabutter gives provides the taste of T.H.C., but the flavor “should not dominate or turn the cookies green,” Ms. Finesilver said.

Sweet Grass is a vertically integrated bakery. Production of cannabis for its products helps protect the company from wide swings in what Mr. Burns said has become a commoditized market in Colorado............ READ MORE

Cooking Ganja

Making Cannabis Edibles with Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter

“As you know, making cannabutter at home is such a guessing game [in regards to dose and portion sizes], but with our cannabutter, you know exactly what you’re going to get,” Sweet Grass Kitchen Marketing Coordinator Kristy Gustafson said.

That convenience for the consumer shouldn’t be underestimated, especially since many potential customers may find it too time-consuming or difficult to produce their own cannabutter. Cannabis-curious cooks who otherwise might not consider making cannabis edibles at home could be encouraged to bake up a batch of infused goodies, if the have easy access to ingredients they can measure accurately............ READ MORE

mg Magazine

Cannabis Doing Good Award Nominations Open, Gala Planned

Cannabis companies that are doing the most good for their communities and for the planet will be honored at A Gala to benefit Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) on Thursday, Oct. 17. Winners of the Cannabis Doing Good Awards will be announced at the event. The fete is hosted by Cannabis Doing Good, Mason Jar Event Group and Irie Weddings & Events.

“It’s my responsibility to do this,” said Julie Berliner, Founder & CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen, on her support of PPRM. “I have the platform and I want to make a difference. This is my way of using business to affect positive change. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains provides freedom through their education and health programs. Cannabis products and the industry that creates them also offers personal freedom.” Sweet Grass Kitchen created Double Chocolate 20:1 CBD:THC, with a portion of all sales goes directly to supporting PPRM............ READ MORE

PSFK's Weekend Indulgence Guide

While smoking has always been a staple of cannabis consumption, the modern consumer will prefer to eat their THC. Artisan confections allow for a discreet, delicious and holistic consumption experience. The effects from a cannabis edible will last longer as well – no need to consume more, from dinner through the after-party... READ MORE

Pot’s Healthy New Image

How weed is being embraced by women and the wellness movement 

Branding cannabis for women has involved introducing the idea of connoisseurship and personal betterment. Like wine or coffee or even blends of teas or essential oils, different strains of cannabis can have varied effects on the user. Growers have become more sophisticated and are able to refine the amount of the six cannabinoids present in cannabis, resulting in strains with discrete benefits. For example, everyone who has heard of Cheech and Chong knows...  READ MORE - SELF Magazine

Daily Mail

Colorado's edible pot brownies about to get weaker as a new labeling system is going into effect on marijuana food.

Alarmed by booming sales of highly potent edible marijuana products, Colorado regulators have drafted an emergency rule making it easier for new users to tell how much pot they're eating.

The result? Weaker pot brownies and cookies on store shelves, and new packaging requirements... READ MORE


Food & Weed: Julie Berliner believes in the hidden power of cooking   Most of what Julie Berliner learned about cooking came from her father, who lived in France as a teenager. From basic kitchen techniques, to sauces to simple recipes, he showed his daughter how to wield the tools that later would define her life as an award-winning edibles baker in Colorado. ....  READ MORE

Food & Weed: Julie Berliner believes in the hidden power of cooking

Most of what Julie Berliner learned about cooking came from her father, who lived in France as a teenager. From basic kitchen techniques, to sauces to simple recipes, he showed his daughter how to wield the tools that later would define her life as an award-winning edibles baker in Colorado. .... READ MORE

Weed Feed: The Best Exotic Edibles in Colorado   Stash your weed-infused gummies for later, because today’s makers of potent edibles are trying their hand at all sorts of unique and fun products. Imagine soda spiked with cannabis, protein powder powered with THC, and gourmet chocolates you would eat even if they didn’t have an extra-satisfying kick. ....  READ MORE

Weed Feed: The Best Exotic Edibles in Colorado

Stash your weed-infused gummies for later, because today’s makers of potent edibles are trying their hand at all sorts of unique and fun products. Imagine soda spiked with cannabis, protein powder powered with THC, and gourmet chocolates you would eat even if they didn’t have an extra-satisfying kick. .... READ MORE

Marijuana Business Magazine

The Lowdown on Low-Dose Edibles

Microdose infused products grow in popularity as manufacturers cater to consumers looking for a smaller hit of THC..... READ MORE

Eater – Denver

The Guide to Eating and Drinking on 4/20

From coffee shops brewing CBD-infused cups and breweries pouring hemp IPAs to sushi and joint-rolling classes and staycation bud and breakfasts, Colorado has it all. Here are nine food and drink-driven hot spots for 4/20 adventurers looking to eat, drink, and indulge in all of Colorado’s legal cannabis goodness..... READ MORE


Old-School Treats Reinvented as Colorado Cannabis Edibles

Old school candies bring to mind carefree, childhood days—and who doesn’t love a bout of wistful nostalgia? Fortunately, you can now indulge those memories with a touch of elevation.

Check out our favorite Colorado treats that will transport you to simpler times. Just remember to keep these delicious eats under lock and key and away from curious little hands...... READ MORE

High Times

15 Amazing Christmas Cannabis Edibles

With their soft center and sugar-crunch finish, Sweet Grass Kitchen’s ginger molasses cookies will take you home for the holidays with satisfying nostalgic flavor. The ginger spice and cannabis pair naturally to deliver an earthy, wholesome and familiar taste, perfect as stocking stuffers or for holiday gatherings. Available as a 10 mg active THC single-serving product to recreational consumers and as a 100 mg active THC medical product, Sweet Grass Kitchen cookies are sold at most Colorado dispensaries and retail shops........ READ MORE


Seasonal Delights: Colorado’s Favorite Edibles for Fall 2018

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Mini Pumpkin Pies are arguably the most eagerly anticipated seasonal edible in Colorado. “Customers come in asking about them every year,” my budtender said. “They’re definitely a favorite.” Sweet Grass Kitchen has been making their mini pies every Fall since 2012.

The anticipation isn’t for nothing, they’re the real deal—the hand-formed, shortbread crust is infused with full-flower cannabutter and filled with a blend of warm spices and fresh pumpkin custard......... READ MORE



Cannabis-Infused Gifts for Colorado Grandparents

Many of us have aging parents or grandparents who would truly benefit from cannabis medicine. Lately, cannabis has become so mainstream that previously opposed seniors are even seeking it out! The holidays are a perfect time to help them with an infused gift.

We’ve put together a gift guide for the enlightened senior citizen in your life. These products are also perfect gifts for anyone who is new to cannabis. Let’s begin with Sweet Grass Kitchen’s micro-dosed Buttermelts.......... READ MORE

Business Insider

You can now minor in weed. Here are the college courses meant to prepare you for a career in cannabis.

With the cannabis industry booming, US colleges and universities are increasingly offering programs meant to prepare students for careers in the business. 

A report from the cannabis website Leafly and the consultancy Whitney Economics found marijuana to be the fastest-growing industry in the US. And now, many schools are capitalizing on the opportunity............ READ MORE

Scene Magazine


First stop is the trailer where the owner of Sweet Grass, Julie Berliner, housed her fledgling edibles business nearly a decade ago. “The regulations were changing rapidly, so if I needed to move, I could drive my kitchen to another facility with minimal loss,” she says. “My original vision was to park it in a field “Breaking Bad” style, but (I) quickly learned that the state wouldn’t allow that — shocker.” Now Sweet Grass has expanded into an 8,000-square-foot space, so it easily accommodates the original trailer inside, like a Smithsonian exhibition. 

OK, hairnets on; we’re entering the grow zone.............. READ MORE

The Bluntness

What it takes to enter the cannabis baking category

Colorado is one of the pioneer states in the legalization of marijuana. And because of that, there are many great established brands in the marketplace. Here are six of the top cannabis edible brands in the Colorado marketplace.

Sweet Grass Kitchen is more like a THC infused bakery when compared to the average edible company. Sweet Grass Kitchen offers products such as pumpkin pie, fresh bakery quality cookies and more. Sweet Grass Kitchen offers some of the best tasting edibles in the Colorado marketplace............. READ MORE

Cannabis Economy

The Kitchen

Back in 2009, the rules were such that– well, there were no rules. That is to say, they were being developed. At the time, anything and everything went. I could bake out of my own home, and anyone could buy or sell cannabis to anybody. It was really, truly the Wild West.

One of the few rules required licensed holders to operate out of a true commercial kitchen, which makes sense. But the extra step there was that the commercial kitchen had to focus on cannabis only, and be associated with only one license. I was 23 at the time and had to figure out either finding or building a commercial kitchen. Something I had never done anything like before............. READ MORE

An untapped revenue stream for cannabis-based bakeries

New products are great for generating a buzz around a bakery and getting new customers and more sales; however, there’s another market Denver-based Sweet Grass Kitchen believes is the next frontier in cannabis baking: providing ingredients for the home baker.

“People have asked us for it for years, and I think that’s because when it comes to using cannabis and CBD in edibles, part of the experience is making it yourself,” said Lauren Finesilver, director of production and executive chef, Sweet Grass Kitchen............READ MORE



Sweet Grass & Sweet Treats

Today we began with a field trip, down to Sweet Grass Kitchen. For those of you who aren’t from Colorado, or aren’t as familiar with the products inside a dispensary, Sweet Grass Kitchen is a well known brand of baked goods.

Now, they don’t make the kind of baked goods your grandma does (unless you have a bad-ass grandma), they make theirs with a special ingredient. Sweet Grass Kitchen is all about baked goods, marijuana infused edibles............ READ MORE

Bake Magazine

Sweet Grass Kitchen discusses baking with cannabis at IBIE

Quality control is important for any baking operation but takes on heightened urgency when using an ingredient that costs more than $1,000 a lb.

The expense of one principal ingredient was among several challenges shared by executives of Sweet Grass Kitchen, a Denver-based baker of cannabis-infused sweet goods. In a presentation September 7 about baking and infusing cannabis into food, Jesse Burns, sales and marketing director, and Lauren Finesilver, executive chef and director of production, spoke as part of IBIEducate. The company specializes in THC products.

Cannabis accounts for 85% to 90% of input costs at Sweet Grass............ READ MORE

mg Magazine

Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter

You know how some ideas are so simple, they’re revolutionary? This THC-infused creamery butter could be one of those concepts, and is currently available on cannabis retail shelves in Colorado.

For anyone who may enjoy real butter on toast, corn on the cob, or for dipping crab (or lobster, or shrimp), this infusion can be used in its purest, melted-buttery form. But for bakers and chefs that like to make their own homemade baked goods, candies, and other edibles, this product can save some time and effort............ READ MORE

Yahoo Finance

These Cannabis Companies Are Hosting A Social Responsibility Awards Show To Support Planned Parenthood

Several cannabis industry companies, such as Cannabis Doing Good, Mason Jar Event Group and Irie Weddings & Events, are coming together on Oct. 17 to honor the organizations that give back to their communities and do good for the earth.

The event, the first annual Gala to benefit Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM), "A Night at the Cabaret," will be held in metro Denver............ READ MORE