7 Tips for a Perfect Cannabis Thanksgiving

By Rachel Gallager

You’ve stepped up to the plate and offered to host Friendsgiving this holiday season! If your circle of friends is anything like mine, creating a cannabis friendly environment is an absolute must to ensure maximum holiday joy. You may be feeling overwhelmed with the preparation, but this is my 10th consecutive time hosting and what better way to celebrate than to share a few secrets for the perfect cannabis Danks-giving!

1.   Know your Boundaries:

If your friend circle is large, anticipate different comfort levels with marijuana. I would brand my crew as ‘experts’ in the field, but you want to make sure that all of your attendees feel comfortable. If you have a mixed crowd, designate a place to blaze. Make sure to set limits for yourself -- do not let the distracting effects of cannabis trick you into forgetting about the turkey in the oven!

2.   Start with Dessert:

I know this sounds backwards, but building up an appetite is key in order to pack in as much turkey as possible. This year I’m serving mini cannabis pumpkin pies upon entry to the party - baked goods are best for holidaze. As an appetizer, everyone will have time to feel the high before the big meal and will ensure bellies are growling when the turkey is sliced. Plus what is more fun than dessert first?

 3.   Make Extra:

It is unbelievable to me the way a man’s stomach can suddenly turn into a bottomless pit when cannabis is introduced to the meal! At my first Friendsgiving, the gluttony was severely underestimated. Expect everyone to eat double than what you think they might. Too much food at Thanksgiving is never a problem because leftover gobbler sandwiches are gold. Send out a reminder to friends to bring ‘to-go’ containers so they don’t leave empty handed!

4.   Prepare a Toast:

This isn’t your first rodeo so you know it’s tradition for all guests to say what they’re thankful for. As a host, there is no better time to let your friends know how awesome they are! It sounds sappy, but I promise you will be thankful to have at least a few notes written down. Make it short and sweet because really, everyone just wants to eat.

5.    Encourage BYOB:

Bring your own BUD! The hostess with the mostest might attempt to provide enough maryjane for the whole party, but encouraging guests to bring their own creates a more diverse experience. Thanksgiving is a marathon, not a sprint so it’s best to have high vibes for the whole party. Keep your focus on the food and let your guests bring the wine, whiskey, and their favorite sticky-icky.

6.    Set a Theme:

It does not have to be a costume party by any means, but having holiday spirit pull the festivities together. Pilgrim themes with different table assignments to the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria is just one high-dea. Group activities are also great to liven the mood. Last year, everyone wrote down what they were most thankful for, placed them in a hat, and the group took turns guessing to whom they belong. If games aren’t your thing, football is always an option that requires zero preparation, but make sure there are enough munchies to go around!

7.    Be Ready for a Slumber Party:

Any good party planner knows, as soon as the food is consumed and dishes are cleared -- the host can finally relax and the real fun starts! Make sure that your friends know there are multiple blow up mattresses and beds galore, plus leftover turkey omelets in the morning. Post dinner joint smoking, in my group, is always a guarantee so expect some dreamy couch snoozing.


Thanksgiving happens to be my favorite holiday; it has always been one of the best nights of the year for me. I am a girl full of love for my friend-family and expressing it through food and fun is what I do best.  Use the holiday to do the same for you and yours!