Feeding Your Fruit Tooth One Microdose at a Time…

The Scoop on SGK's 5mg Distillate Fruit Snacks

By Kristy Gustafson

It’s official, people. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s product line has added some color!

Don’t they look bomb dot com?!

Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit juice, non-gluten ingredients, and... hold up… no cannabutter?

Can't believe it's not (canna)butter?!

That’s right, this 5mg microdose is made with pure THC distillate, one of the first distillate infused gummies on the market, and our very first non-cannabutter product.



So what’s the deal on distillate anyway?

As a fan of our goodies, you know that both potency and consistency have always been king here at Sweet Grass Kitchen; which is why we chose to infuse our gummies with the concentrate king itself. Not only does its potency total up to 99% fully activated THC (far beyond that of average flower at 15-25%), but the tasteless and odorless nature of distillate allows for the delicious, natural berry flavors of the edible itself to shine through.

This top-shelf concentrate goes through an extended extraction and refinement process called short-path distillation. (To break things down, the science behind it all can be likened to making spirits like whiskey or moonshine.) What’s left in the end is a refined and transparent honey-like substance that visually represents just how pure it is.

Photo courtesy of Quest Concetrates

Photo courtesy of Quest Concetrates

So, like, how high am I gonna get?

With a potency of up to 99%, some of you might be looking like this…

Or maybe this…

Here’s where the microdose aspect comes in…

At 5mg (so just half of our recreational baked goods and double our 2.5mg Buttermelts), Fruit Snacks are the perfect edible for finding your ideal cannabis dose – or as we like to say, getting to ‘know thy groove.’

While one’s own unique groove can mean a lot of things to different people, here’s what to expect from a distillate high... For most, it’s been described as a “cerebral high.” It’s uplifting and motivating, and in the experiences of a few Sweet Grass employees, it’ll encourage you (or your significant other) to clean the entire house on a whim. (Hey, we’re not making this stuff up.) Think of it like a “Tuesday Night High” or a “Working Man’s or Working Woman’s High.” It’s light, clear-headed, enjoyable, and who knows, it may even help you or your significant other win some serious brownie points.

So, whether you were self-identifying with Ross or Brad P, we’re thinking after you give our new Fruit Snacks a try, you’ll be looking like this…

Be sure to give us a shout when you start grooving, and let us know what you think!