One to Work, Two to Hang Out: The Lowdown on Cannabis Microdosing

By Kristy Gustafson


Remember that one friend in college who tried their first weed brownie, space cake, or whatever other homemade “canna-coction” they could get their hands on, and, to say the least… it didn’t end very well? Hey, maybe you were that friend in college. (We’re not here to judge. We’ve all been there.)

But, fast forward to today and thanks to testing requirements and endless breakthroughs in the industry, edibles have come a long way since these hazy, paranoia-filled days where you felt like the world was ending. In their place are safely infused baked goods, chewing gum, sodas, popcorn, beef jerky – you name it! (If it tastes good and can pair somewhat well with weed, chances are it probably exists somewhere in the 420 stratosphere.) And as more of these product innovations continue to hit the shelves and become more widely accepted, more versatile audiences are entering the scene. With it, more companies are figuring out a new golden rule for their product lines to ensure there’s a little something for everyone:

less is more.

Now, that’s not to say people don’t love getting high. Last year, Sweet Grass Kitchen got over 2.5 million people high with our yummy confections – a statistic we most certainly pride ourselves on. In the same year, we also introduced our 2.5mg Buttermelts, which at the time was the lowest-serving cannabutter edible in all of Colorado.

Likened to a glass of wine or a beer, these micro servings of THC closely align with Colorado’s Start Low, Go Slow campaign, and allow the canna-curious and seasoned stoner alike to find their comfort zone when it comes to dosing.

This microdosing approach is quickly becoming the fastest rising sector in the industry, with experts calling it the “future of marijuana.” In this form of THC consumption, “cannabis becomes more like an herbal supplement,” says Christie Strong of Kiva Confections. You get the elevated health benefits “without fear of excessive psychoactivity interfering.”

And, of course, there’s always more to go around when the time is right. Just like your favorite libation, all it takes is one to work, two to hang out™. In the spirit of that, our 2.5mg Mojito Mint Buttermelts are just the ticket. So, kick back and have a “drink” on us! Or maybe two…

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