Pharmaceutical Company’s Donation in Breach of Code of Conduct

By Brittany Driver

It is all good to have a company wide Code of Conduct. It is a completely different thing for a company to hold itself to that standard - and it doesn’t always happen. This was proven again last week with news of a massive donation made to pot propaganda machine.

Arizona based pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics made a whopping $500,000 contribution to anti-cannabis group Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy last week. Both groups are deceiving - INSYS preaches opioid overdose concerns but produces Subsys fentanyl, a painkiller that can have fatal consequences; Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy uses unsubstantiated science to back up claims that marijuana is addictive for 30% of users and uses this and more in an attempt to block “Big Cannabis.”

This half a million dollar donation, which puts INSYS in the same boat as other contributors like “Governor Ducey, the Arizona Association of County School Superintendents, the Arizona Small Business Association, the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, the Arizona Catholic Conference of Bishops, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and several other community organizations” according campaign manager for ARDP Adam Deguire, is meant to support the organization’s battle against Prop 205, which would regulate cannabis like alcohol.

Three ways this donation violates the INSYS Code of Conduct:

1.     “INSYS employees or agents may not provide any payment or benefit to any person or entity in order to improperly influence a government official or to gain an unfair business advantage.”

2.     “We are committed to upholding our reputation of integrity by continuing to make objective decisions. Even the appearance of a conflict of interest can damage your reputation and that of the Company.”

3.     “While INSYS encourages its employees to participate in politics, such activity must only
occur in your individual capacity and not on behalf of the Company. Accordingly, you
cannot use the Company’s name in connection with your political activities and you cannot use Company equipment for political purposes.”

The Code of Conduct dictates anyone aware of a breach of this code to alert the company. We should do that. Lets all file a complaint.

For more information about the INSYS donation, check out this article over at The Washington Post.