Stoned in Denver? 5 Everyday Activities to Try

By Jack Foersterling

For many who consume cannabis, sitting on the couch for a 4-hour Netflix binge with your dog might sound like the best thing ever, but don’t limit yourself in the wonderful world of being high. Denver offers up some great activities that break the monotony of the day-to-day and only get better when blazed.

1. Park Vibes


Take advantage of the city’s wonderful atmosphere and enjoy two of Denver’s best features at the same time: beautiful parks and legal bud. Remember, it is illegal to smoke in public, so toking up before the park activities is the best way to go. Grab some friends, a frisbee and relax in the grass. Whether it’s for a beautiful sunset walk around Cheeseman Park or a spring picnic at Confluence Park, the Denver greenery is bountiful and beautiful. 

2. Make Friends with the Animals


Remember the pure amazement and joy you had as a kid when your family took a trip to the zoo or aquarium? You can live that feeling all over again with just a little help from your friend Mary Jane. With attractions like the interactive string ray touch tank at the Denver Downtown Aquarium or the penguin encounter at the Denver Zoo (no tuxedo required), there’s nothing quite like a weekend trip to make you feel like a kid again.

3. Plan an elaborate dinner at home


While dragging through a long week at work, it is easy to get home and decide to order out or make another bland meal. Planning a big dinner that includes pot will surely be the highlight of your week. The enjoyment comes two-fold, not only is it a stress reliever to make a delicious meal, but the finished product will be well worth the wait and bound to taste better after a few puffs or edible appetizers. Plan ahead and grocery shop early so that you're motivated to get chopping right away!

4. Go to the movies


A night at the movies with a big bucket of popcorn, a drink so big you could swim in it, and the relaxing effect of an edible will blow any night in out of the water. Denver has some incredible theaters to further enhance the experience. Catch an indie film at the Landmark Mayan Theatre or a block buster on the biggest screen in the state at the Stadium 9. While any movie is invariably better while stoned, films packed with lots of action, comic relief, and little plot (think Michael Bay, Fast and Furious, and the soon-to-be Super Troopers 2) tend to be the most enjoyable. For even more of an experience, pay up for IMAX or 3D then kick back and enjoy the show.

5. Get creative!


Next time you toke up, turn off the electronics and break out the paint and canvas or an adult coloring book! While you might not be the next Van Gough, there are few pleasures in life greater than getting high and being creative. Whether it’s a simple doodle, or a masterpiece that utilizes all 64 of the crayons in the box, letting the creative juices flow is a great way to relax, and maybe even find a hidden talent. Or, make a night out of it and head down town to Upstairs Circus. Featuring DIY arts and crafts projects along with a healthy selection of cocktails and drinks, it makes the perfect destination, post session, to let out your creative side. You can even take a cannabis art class now in Denver! Check out our friends at Puff, Pass, and Paint.

Maximize the cannabis experience by partaking in these activities around Denver. From full day outings to enhancing your weeknight home life, there’s an endless list of activities to try that only get better while you’re high. Consume responsibly, and have a great time.