How to Puff, Puff, Pass... to your Mom

By: Jack Foersterling

Even though twenty-five states have now legalized marijuana in some form and four have approved it for recreational use, there is still a large percentage of people who oppose marijuana for one reason or another. Chances are that you know someone with an unfavorable perspective of cannabis; here are some ideas to open the discussion in a positive way.

Weed has Changed




Modern, legal weed isn’t the same stuff your folks smoked at Woodstock back in the day. Forget the seeds, stems, and suspicious growing techniques. Today, grow houses are closely monitored by state agencies to ensure safe cultivation of the bud sold in licensed dispensaries. Dispensaries offer an endless number of different strains, ranging from fruity sativas to Earthy indicas, and every hybrid in between. Simply ask the budtender what kind of effect you’re looking for and they will direct you to the perfect strain.

It’s Legal


Perhaps the biggest validation for the consumption of marijuana is that, in the great state of Colorado, it is completely legal! Gone are the days of buying weed from a hooded drug dealer in a dark alley; dispensaries are secure and legal making purchasing marijuana incredibly convenient and comfortable. Many dispensaries today offer immaculate shopping experiences making even the Apple Store look like a Rite-Aid. Additionally, with nearly half the states in the union moving towards legalization, this argument has only been gaining more power each election cycle.

You don’t have to smoke it


Many people are turned off to cannabis due to the intense odor and negative side effects that smoking can have on the body. An alternative, and extremely popular, option in Colorado, and other legal states, are edibles. Now these aren’t the pot brownies you may have mixed up at home; these edibles are works of culinary art. Now-a-days, edibles are regularly tested for potency and consistency and are clearly marked and dividable into precise servings. Edibles are available at nearly every dispensary in Colorado and come in a variety of different forms. Most take the form of fruit flavored candies or baked goods appealing to those with a sweet tooth. If you or your mother is new to edibles, start low and go slow for the best experience.

It’s more than just “getting high”


For many people, smoking a joint is the same as cracking a beer at the end of a long day at work. Smoking weed has been proven to help people relax. With the wide variety of cannabis options, those is legal states can opt for strains that are stimulating and motivating. Whether it’s going to the gym, out for a run, or even just some pick-up sports with a few friends, there is a very large population of active consumers out there. It doesn’t have to be high-energy either, there are plenty of everyday activities that are enhanced with cannabis.

Cannabis can help in many different ways and naturally will effect everyone differently due to our individual genetics. Discussing cannabis with someone that may not know enough about the subject is the best way you can help move this industry forward. After nearly 80 years of prohibition, Colorado and other recreational states have only scraped the surface for the fight of legalization. Using these tools to explain the benefits of cannabis, in all varieties, will help to break the stigma around cannabis history and open communication!