High-oneer's Guide to 4/20

By Jack Foersterling

Cities across the USA are known for some of the best holiday celebrations... 
Mardi Gras in New Orleans
St. Patrick’s Day in Boston
New Year’s Eve in New York, 
but do you know how to...

Weed enthusiasts have long honored this high holiday as a day to celebrate the green plant called cannabis, and lucky for Colorado, the celebration is right around the corner! If it’s your first 4/20 in the Centennial State or you are a seasoned veteran, here are some ways to make the most of the 2016 celebrations in Denver.

Stop by the Denver 420 Fest

Taking place between April 15th and 17th, the Denver 420 Fest is an amazing 3-day event put on by Colorado Highlife Tours at the Glitter Dome Event Center. The fest will feature a variety of vendors in the cannabis industry, including clothing, glass, art, jewelry and more. Local artists and DJs, featuring Lil’ Flip, will kick off the celebration in Denver with live music performances.

Blunts and Beats

Each year, April 20th brings a slew of artists and musicians to Denver to ring in the holiday with concerts and shows across the city. This year is no different with two noteworthy shows taking place at Red Rocks and Fiddler’s Green. 420 Eve on the Rocks: Method Man and Redman, features several members of Wu-Tang Clan at Colorado’s greatest concert venue on the night of the 19th. The 3rd Annual Merry Jane Wellness Retreat, hosted by KS 107.5, includes marijuana mogul Snoop Dogg, Future and Friends in Englewood at Fiddler’s Green.

Visit A Local Dispensary

Click  here  to find Sweet Grass Kitchen edibles.

Click here to find Sweet Grass Kitchen edibles.

4/20 truly wouldn’t be the same without all of the work our local dispensaries do to provide us with the best bud Colorado has to offer. With the number of tourists visiting Colorado for 4/20 growing every year, dispensaries will be well stocked with amazing product and great deals for the big holiday. For the closest dispensary to you, or to find a new shop to explore, check out weedmaps.com.

Denver 420 Rally

Let your friends know you’re going with #420rally.

Let your friends know you’re going with #420rally.

The annual 420 rally, a non-profit organization dedicated towards building an inclusive and engaged community, is one of the longest held traditions in Colorado’s 420 history. The event takes place at Civic Center Park on Saturday the 16th from 10am to 8pm. Join thousands of marijuana enthusiasts for the largest cannabis gathering in the world featuring Wiz Khalifa and Lil’ Wayne. Best of all, this celebration is young, wild and FREE, but access passes are encouraged for the best experience. 

Remember Safety First: Obey the Law

While this day is all about the celebration of one of Earth’s greatest plants and the freedom of choice we’ve seen evolve in Colorado over the past few years with recreational sales, laws still apply. Public consumption is illegal, so consider an edible at home before the show for longer lasting effects. You must be 21+ to consume marijuana - make good decisions and celebrate responsibly!


4/20 is just a week away – stock up on supplies and get plans aligned! Whether it’s just a trip to the dispensary or joining friends out on the town, 4/20 in Denver is a wonderful day to celebrate the progress the cannabis movement has made in Colorado and around the world.