Much of the Sweet Grass Kitchen magic comes from maintaining an in-house cultivation. In 2013, Sweet Grass Kitchen built a grow to ensure consistency throughout both medical and recreational product lines. Unlike most cultivations, Sweet Grass Kitchen focuses on one strain at a time --always a sativa-dominant hybrid grown in a soil medium. While a majority of the marijuana is grown in-house there is an increasing need for additional THC which is outsourced from highly vetted, quality cultivations. Sweet Grass Kitchen still maintains the brand promise that every batch of cannabutter is infused with a whole flower, sativa-dominant base.

Honestly, it’s some of the best product we’ve seen.
— Matt DeBaxter, Manager at Shear Solutions, a Denver-based harvesting company.
Nugs like this should be smoked, it’s hard to imagine they are for edibles.
— Jacob Connell, Shear Solutions