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Sweet Grass Kitchen Holiday Edible Back by Popular Demand

DENVER (October 12, 2015) – Sweet Grass Kitchen, the Denver-based cannabis bakery, is launching mini cannabis pumpkin pies for the fourth year in a row. Since the debut of the mini pumpkin pies in 2012, more than 12,000 pies have been sold with nearly 7,000 pie sales in 2014 alone. For many, the autumn edible couldn’t come soon enough as these weed pumpkin pies are Sweet Grass Kitchen’s most anticipated product of the year, sold exclusively in November.

“Our customers have been asking about the pumpkin pies almost as much as our budtenders have been asking when we’ll get them in the store. Nothing brings in the fall season quite like Sweet Grass Kitchen pumpkin pies. We’re looking forward to having them on the shelf and encouraging customers to enjoy them throughout the holiday season,” says Dan Glenn, operations manager at Dank dispensary.

The individually packaged pies are seasoned and baked to perfection to welcome the cool nights of fall in Colorado. The hand-formed, shortbread crust is infused with full flower cannabutter and filled with a blend of warm spices and fresh pumpkin custard. The traditional holiday sweet pairs deliciously with a dollop of whipped cream, a cup of coffee, and simple fall pleasures like cozy clothes and football weekends. Whether you’re celebrating with the family or enjoying a friendsgiving, this modern take on an old-fashioned recipe is sure to spice up the holiday.

“Sweet Grass Kitchen pumpkin pies are my aperitif of choice after every holiday meal,” says Women Grow co-founder Jane West, “They ensure an evening of love and laughter will follow any thanksgiving dinner.”

“Our team has been working diligently to prepare for November this year – everyone around here knows pie season is approaching,” says Julie Berliner, founder and CEO of Sweet Grass Kitchen. “We are well on our way to producing more than 10,000 cannabis infused pie crusts, which are all hand crafted in our kitchen to meet the demand this season.”

Sweet Grass Kitchen’s weed pumpkin pies will be sold both recreationally and medically at dispensaries across Colorado. The recreational pies contain 10mg of active THC while the medical pies contain 75mg of active THC. Visit to find locations serving Sweet Grass Kitchen’s holiday treat! Available Oct. 30



Sweet Grass Kitchen is a small batch bakery that produces and distributes fresh, cannabis-infused edibles throughout Colorado. Since 2009, our kitchen has been serving Colorado’s top centers with flavorful, fresh baked confections.  Our in-house cultivation ensures a consistent and reliable crop-to-table delivery. Instead of using hash or harmful extracts, all products are made using our own slow simmered, triple strained, full flower cannabutter. Sweet Grass Kitchen has become synonymous with creative, effective, and delicious baked goods. Our harvests, cannabutter batches, and products are tested by state licensed laboratories so you can always count on consistent potency and effect.

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