Your cannabutter dreams have been answered. Cannabutter is now available in select dispensaries around Colorado.

Now you can turn your favorite recipes into your own infused, canna-coctions from the comfort of your home.

And that's not all...

We've also launched the official Sweet Grass Butter Forum (see below) so you can spread the love by posting your favorite recipes with the rest of the Sweet Grass community!

Be sure and share the fun on Instagram as well for a chance to be featured!

Use Sweet Grass Kitchen cannabutter strictly according to the dosage guidelines for each recipe and carefully follow the directions on the recipe, in particular the requirement that the cannabutter be adequately homogenized when used in cooking your edibles. Failure to follow proper directions may result in the cannabutter not being adequately spread out in the edible you are creating thereby potentially causing an unpleasant reaction. For more information go to Edible Tolerances.