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Crop to Cookie

Elevating edibles at Denver's Sweet Grass Kitchen

“I knew then that it would be one or the other,” she recalls. “If I was going to move into the marijuana industry, it would seal the deal with not getting a job in the education system. But I wanted to keep... READ MORE


Weed pumpkin pie, it exists. Happy Thanksgiving.

Civilized: 5 Cannabis Start-ups You Should Know About

A self-proclaimed "small-batch bakery," Sweet Grass Kitchen creates and distributes both recreational and medicinal cannabis-infused edibles to over 300 cannabis stores throughout Colorado...READ MORE


But smoking marijuana and consuming a THC-infused edible create two vastly different experiences. So when the state legalized recreational marijuana, allowing any adult over the age of 21 years to purchase cannabis products, guidelines for edibles consumption needed to be put in place... READ MORE


Weed pies that get you baked, not burned.

Weekend Review Kit

Not content to simply make amazing cannabis edibles, Sweet Grass Kitchen produces baked goods that could hold their own at most farmer’s markets. Their pumpkin pie is dense but not dry, with a rich, smooth, well-seasoned filling surrounded by just the right amount of salty, crumbly crust. Cannabis pairs nicely with desserts that balance the savory and the sweet, and the textures and tastes in this one contrast wonderfully. Sweet Grass Kitchen’s Pumpkin Pie blends all those flavors .... READ MORE

PSFK's Weekend Indulgence Guide

While smoking has always been a staple of cannabis consumption, the modern consumer will prefer to eat their THC. Artisan confections allow for a discreet, delicious and holistic consumption experience. The effects from a cannabis edible will last longer as well – no need to consume more, from dinner through the after-party... READ MORE

Pot’s Healthy New Image

How weed is being embraced by women and the wellness movement 

Branding cannabis for women has involved introducing the idea of connoisseurship and personal betterment. Like wine or coffee or even blends of teas or essential oils, different strains of cannabis can have varied effects on the user. Growers have become more sophisticated and are able to refine the amount of the six cannabinoids present in cannabis, resulting in strains with discrete benefits. For example, everyone who has heard of Cheech and Chong knows...  READ MORE - SELF Magazine

Daily Mail

Colorado's edible pot brownies about to get weaker as a new labeling system is going into effect on marijuana food.

Alarmed by booming sales of highly potent edible marijuana products, Colorado regulators have drafted an emergency rule making it easier for new users to tell how much pot they're eating.

The result? Weaker pot brownies and cookies on store shelves, and new packaging requirements... READ MORE