'Twas the Night Before 4/20...

By Kristy Gustafson

'Twas the night before 4/20, when all through the town,

The whole industry was scurrying, the hours counting down.

Weed cookies were stacked in the Kitchen with care,

In hopes that 2 Chainz soon would be there.

The stoners were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of smoke clouds danced in their heads.

With Mary Jane in their bowls and edibles in their packs,

They awoke the next day armed with 4/20 hacks.

When out from the dispensaries arose such a clatter,

With purchases of flower and wax and some shatter.

Away to Civic Center Park, people flew like a flash,

To meet up with friends and share their sweet stash.

The sun was glowing and so were the vibes,

With laughter and love you just couldn’t describe.

When, what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But drones delivering munchies and delicious craft beer.

Like a dream, they appeared to fall from the sky.

Then they knew in a moment they were probably just high.

The rest of the day would be spent in the grass,

To the familiar melody of “puff, puff, and pass.”

The sun was finally setting, so the squads gave a whistle,

And to Cheba Hut they all flew, like the down of a thistle.

But everyone would exclaim before they took a Lyft out of sight:

     Happy 4/20 to all, and to all a safe night!

One to Work, Two to Hang Out: The Lowdown on Cannabis Microdosing

By Kristy Gustafson

Remember that one friend in college who tried their first weed brownie, space cake, or whatever other homemade “canna-coction” they could get their hands on, and… to say the least, it didn’t end very well…? Hey, maybe you were that friend in college. (We’re not here to judge. We’ve all been there...)

Fast forward to 2017 and thanks to testing requirements and endless breakthroughs in the industry, edibles have come a long way since these hazy, paranoia-filled days where you felt like the world was ending. In their place are safely infused baked goods, chewing gum, sodas, popcorn, beef jerky – you name it! (If it tastes good and can pair somewhat well with weed, chances are it probably exists somewhere in the 420 stratosphere.) And as more of these product innovations continue to hit the shelves and become more widely accepted, more versatile audiences are entering the scene. With it, more companies are figuring out a new golden rule for their product lines to ensure there’s a little something for everyone:

less is more.

Now, that’s not to say people don’t love getting high. Last year, Sweet Grass Kitchen got over 2.5 million people high with our yummy confections – a statistic we most certainly pride ourselves on. In the same year, we also introduced our 2.5mg Buttermelts, which at the time was the lowest-serving cannabutter edible in all of Colorado.

Likened to a glass of wine or a beer, these micro servings of THC closely align with Colorado’s Start Low, Go Slow campaign, and allow the canna-curious and seasoned stoner alike to find their comfort zone when it comes to dosing.

This microdosing approach is quickly becoming the fastest rising sector in the industry, with experts calling it the “future of marijuana.” In this form of THC consumption, “cannabis becomes more like an herbal supplement,” says Christie Strong of Kiva Confections. You get the elevated health benefits “without fear of excessive psychoactivity interfering.”

And, of course, there’s always more to go around when the time is right. Just like your favorite libation, all it takes is one to work, two to hang out™. In the spirit of that, our line of cocktail-flavored Buttermelts, including favorites like White Russian and Moscow Mule, are just the ticket. So, kick back and have a “drink” on us! Or maybe two…

Cannabis Dream Jobs That Don't Exist Yet But Should

By Kristy Gustafson

From what we can tell, 2020 is looking to be one big year. We’re talking everything from self-driving cars, huge progress in renewable energy, new NASA missions to Mars, and even Kanye West running for president (#yikes). For those of us embarking upon the budding world of cannabis, we can expect some big things as well. According to a New Frontier report outlined by Forbes, jobs in the legal cannabis industry are on track to outpace those in the manufacturing, utilities, and government sectors, paving the way for 250,000 jobs by the end of the decade.

Naturally, this news has got us “ganjapreneurs” pretty freakin’ pumped. So pumped, in fact, we decided to get a little “canna-spired” and brainstorm on what some of these future jobs might entail. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Weed Adventure Travel Writer. Need we say more? This wanderlust-loving storyteller will travel the globe, and combine chill and thrill in a way this world has never seen. Looking for the best universally blood-pumping adventures to try high? They’ve got you covered.

  2. Canna-Cooking Show Host. The only thing cannabis enthusiasts love more than weed is – yup, you guessed it – food. This culinary personality will fuse the two together, sharing infused recipes and dinner party tips and tricks, as well as taste testing the creations of the world’s most up-and-coming weed chefs. Please and thank you.

  3. Expert Ganja and Video Game Tester. I think it’s safe to say, we all know a person or two who could fit this bill. This video game enthusiast knows the worlds of FIFA, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto like the back of their hand – especially in their favorite elevated state of mind. Each week would offer a delivery of the best bud and videos games on the market to their front door, armed and ready for their unmatched skills to take them on.

  4. Intergalactic Grower. Inspired by NASA’s latest planetary discoveries, this job would blend what every space-loving stoner nerds out to on a regular basis with their own epic cultivation expertise. First man/woman to ever grow interstellar weed? Now, that’s setting the bar high.

  5. Professional Sweet Grass Kitchen Cookie Taster. Nuff said, right? This cookie connoisseur will use their exceptional taste buds and love for all things edibles to not only assure SGK’s treats are as buttery and mouthwatering as always, but to also craft exciting, new flavors for dispensaries worldwide.


Read Ganjapreneur's full report "Cannabis Industry Will Create 250K Jobs by 2020" here.

Cannabis Legalization is Sweeping the Nation

As you can see, cannabis continues to sweep the nation, slowly but surely. And according to polling from Gallup, at least 1 in 8 Americans say they are active cannabis users and ready for more. 

Of course, there's a whole lot more where these come from. 

420 Intel recently took a look at the state-by-state breakdown of legalization bills on the horizon. For Colorado in particular, all eyes are on Senate Bill 17-017. This would allow medical marijuana for patients suffering from stress disorders, including PTSD and acute stress disorder.

Curious what the likelihood of this passing is, as well as the bills of 26 other states? Read them here